Dedication 26th July 2019

A Headstone Project dedication will be conducted at Finney Funeral Services in Launceston on Friday, 26th July 2019 at 10:30AM. All welcome.

The diggers to be recognised are:

Surname Given Names Unit Burial Reference
Bell Robert 12th Bn A3-260
Courtney William Joseph 12th Bn A3-355
Warrington Ernest Albert 8th Fce A4-167
Bergan James George Lawler 12th Bn A5-153
Thompson Leonard 3rd Tun Coy A9-142
Butwell Albert 26th Bn / 6th Bn A9-164
Cotton George Arthur 26th Bn / 8th L H A10-324
Groves Richard Joseph 8th L H Hq A10-32
Willey Mordey Paxton 26th Bn A11-93
Jordan Alfred Gordon 3rd L H B-159
Millar William John 12th Bn B2- 95
Pitt Percival 52nd Bn B10-135
Brown Frederick William 40th Bn B13-45
Turner Edgar Albert 12th Bn B13-134
Armstrong Robert 40th Bn B13-246
Richardson Ernest Norman 2nd Pioneers B13-329
Pearce Vernon William Remounts B15-556
Russell Charles Edward 40th Bn C4-362
Spowart William 26th Bn C11-504
Butler Henry James 52nd Bn C11-660
Seward Frank 40th Bn C11-666
Williams Gordon 15th/46th C11-670
Dobson James William 26th Bn C11-832
Booth William Howard Bromley 4th Bn C11-955
Bucknell William George 40th Bn C11-1106
Stebbings Sydney Lewis 40th Bn C11-1133
Broomhall George Cyril Afc F2-453
Murray Gilbert George 12th Bn F2-484