Bound For The Front

The 40th Battalion (pictured above with Lt. Colonel John Lord in front) was the last unit of the 3rd Division to reach England, and in consequence was not so far advanced in training as the other battalions, some of whom had already been in England for several weeks.

From 6 a.m. to 5 p.m. the men trained hard in musketry, Lewis gun work, bombing, drill, and route-marching. Some went off to specialist schools in the hope that what they learnt there, could then be taught to the troops.

A further 8 groups of reinforcements would depart Australia during 1916 & 1917 to take the place of those killed or wounded in action or who died of disease. Many of the latter can be seen in the images on display.

Those enlisting in 1918 while not actual reinforcements for the Battalion joined the unit after reaching England.