Army Life

In the months between the formation of the Battalion and the departure of the original members and 1st reinforcements on the Berrima from Hobart on 1 July 1916, the men “prepared and trained in the art of war as well as could be learned in a training camp”.

Shooting at Sandy Bay Rifle Range.

Source: NS4785/1 TAHO

A trench system.

Source: NS4785/1 TAHO

Learning the art of range finding at Claremont.

Source: NS4785/1 TAHO

It dawned on most of us that every man was distinguished by something more than a regimental number – a personality; and we knew those personalities in Tasmania, and we knew them in France.’

What wasn’t mentioned was that the men also had to fatigue duty – including keeping the camp clean.   All the training etc still left time for fun as can be seen by the group above.

Falling in and being on parade was also a regular feature of army life whether in camp or in the field. It was all part of the discipline taught from the beginning.

Soldiers on parade waiting for their next instruction from their officers.