081 – Clarence Robert Wilson, John Malcolm Hay, James Harold Wilson and John Malcolm Hay

Clarence Robert Wilson
John Malcolm Hay
James Harold Wilson
John Malcolm Hay

The trio of Clarence Robert Wilson, John Malcolm Hay and James Harold Wilson were not going to miss out on having their photo taken either. By early September much better news about the war was reaching Australia particularly after the battle for Amiens on 8 August.

On 11 September 1918, possibly fearing that the war would end before they had a chance to do ‘their bit’ were brothers James and Clarence Wilson  from ‘Woodstock’ Mount Seymour outside of Oatlands. Two other brothers had also enlisted—both with the 40th Battalion. George Thomas enlisted in March 1916 and served with ‘D’ Company before being transferred to the 49th Battalion. Alfred had enlisted in October 1916 and departed with the 5th reinforcements. Alfred was killed in action on 23 April 1918.

With the cessation of hostilities the two brothers were initially given leave and were then discharged on 31 December 1918 at which time they were free to return to working the family property.

John Malcolm Hay was the third member of the trio. He was an electrical engineer employed by the Hobart Electrical Company where he had been working for three years. He stated that he had spent one year with the cadets. The family lived at ‘Brockley’, Granton. He too was given leave and then on New Years Eve given his discharge from the Australian Imperial Force.