075 – Private John Waters

Private John Waters 40th Battalion

While John Waters would survive his own war experience despite being wounded in action, his son Clarence would be killed in action in the next whilst serving with the 2/23rd Battalion at El Alamein.

John was a 30 year old married farm hand from Pipers Brook when he volunteered,  leaving behind his wife and two small children and another due in August. John was allotted to C Company,  40th Battalion. Two raids took place at the end of January 1917— first one by the 10th Brigade and then by the Germans on 31st January.  Two officers and 56 other ranks from the 40th Battalion were among those in the 10th Brigade raiding party. Was John Waters part of this group when wounded in both arms or later when repelling the German raid?  Which ever was the case, his war was now over and after treatment in England returned to Australia and to finally meet his 14 month old son.

John returned to farming and two more sons were born to him and Rubina. John died on 1 December 1963 aged 78 years and is buried in Carr Villa Cemetery.