070 – Private Jack Hector Hume Stevens

Private Jack Hector Hume Stevens Australian Employment Company

Jack stated he was an 18 year old sailor from Launceston. His actual age was 16. Despite enlisting in 1916 with the 4th reinforcements for the 40th Battalion, he spent only very short periods of time at the Front. His poor physique quite possibly told against him in the harsh conditions. It may have also prompted his transfer to the Australian Employment Company in July 1918. He also appears to have had a problem complying with military regulations. Jack returned to Australia in December 1918.

He attempted to enlist for service four times during WW2. On the first two occasions he was discharged medically unit. On the third occasion, took his own discharge from A.A.M. C (Dental). On the fourth occasion he was stationed at the Prisoner of War Camp at Cowra when discharged. He died at Ryde, New South Wales on 14 August 1959 aged 60.