062 – Driver George Stanley Morton

Driver George Stanley Morton 40th Battalion

With many British soldiers away at the Front fighting, there was no shortage of women for the Australian soldiers to get to know. Some of these ended in marriage. One such case of that of Corporal Gordon Thompson who married in June 1917.  Best man at the wedding was George Morton who had been invalided to England. On 6 January while at Boulogne waiting for a message he sustained an accidental clavicular dislocation which required him to remain in England until July 1917 when he re-joined his unit. On 1 April 1918 he was appointed driver to complete the unit establishment. George left England on 30 April for return to Australia.

George and his wife lived in Hobart. For some years he continued to work as a draper’s assistant. George died at Howrah in January 1969.