054 – Sergeant Percy Frederick Gaby

Sergeant Percy Frederick Gaby 40th Battalion

Sergeant Percy Frederick Gaby, 40th Battalion

Percy and his brother Alfred volunteered for service.  Both brothers had  served with the 12th Infantry Regiment (Launceston Regiment). Two older brothers had served in the Boer War.  Despite being a farming family, the men were prepared to serve in a time of war.  Alfred would go on to be commissioned with the 28th Battalion having enlisted in W.A. and to be awarded the VC for his actions on 8 August 1918. He was killed by a sniper three days later.

On arrival in England Percy was promoted to the rank of sergeant. Before seeing any frontline service, he developed Enteric Fever and then Pulmonary Tuberculosis . He left England on 21 July 1917 for discharge on 6 November 1917.

After marrying in 1920 Percy and his bride moved to New South Wales where he died on 27 February 1971.