052 – Private Arthur Hedley Forward

Private Arthur Hedley Forward 12th Battalion

According to one record Arthur Forward was a jockey while another stated that he was a driver. At 5 feet 3 inches in height and weighing 9 stone 7 pounds, he was certainly the right size for a jockey, but  doubtful for the AIF which proved to be the case.  Soon after arriving in England with the 40th Battalion, he was transferred to the 12th Battalion on proceeding overseas. At Etaples he became ill and was hospitalised in France. Before he could be sent to the front he became ill again. On 26 January 1917 he was considered fit enough to join his unit, but 10 days later became ill and this time he was sent to England where he remained for return to Australia in July 1917.  I May 1917 he was sent to the No. 4 Command Depot until his departure.

Arthur had several different occupations—orderly at the 23 Australian Auxiliary Hospital, cook and boot repairer. He died on 28 June 1964 aged 73 years.