044 – Private Trevor (Treavor) Arthur Board

Private Trevor (Treavor) Arthur Board  14th Battalion

Trevor was utterly determined to enlist in the A.I.F. He applied four times here in Tasmania, being discharged medically unfit each time and then tried in Victoria where he finally got his wish and was accepted.

His first attempt was in February 1916 when he was discharged on 15 July. He tried again the following year, once more volunteering on 26 March 1917 only to be discharged again on 11 July. He then applied three times during 1918 before finally being accepted in June 1918.

On the voyage to England he became ill and spent much of his time in the A.I.F. in hospital or recovering from illness. He returned to Australia in March 1919. Trevor  married Agnes Isabella Walker, worked as a labourer initially and then seems to drop off the records.

Trevor appears in several images taken at Claremont