041 – Private Cyril Aylett

Private Cyril Aylett  12th Battalion

Cyril was the youngest of the three brothers who enlisted.  Claude, the eldest  at age 19 enlisted on 19 August 1914. Lindsey, once he too had turned 18 enlisted in September 1916. He started out with the 40th Battalion but later transferred to the 12th Battalion. With the arrival of Cyril in England, all three brothers were serving with the 12th Battalion.

On enlistment in February 1918, Cyril stated that he was a miner and was living at Tullah with his father. He also stated that he had completed 4 years with the cadets. Cyril and his group of reinforcements arrived in England on 5 December after the cessation of hostilities. It is possible that the brothers spent some time together before being separated once more as each returned home for discharge.

In 1920 Cyril married Gwendoline Chatwin. He initially worked as a transport driver but later retrained as a carpenter,. The couple raised three children. Cyril died on 19 August 1973 at Latrobe.