038 – Archie and Thomas Mansell

Archie Mansell
Thomas Mansell

Archie Mansell was taken on strength with the 52nd Battalion in August 1917. Unlike his cousins, Archie has come through the battle at Mouquet Farm relatively unscathed. It is not until October 1917 that he is badly gassed and is evacuated to England. In May 1918 he is transferred to the 51st Battalion and is severely wounded in action in August 1918. Once again, he was evacuated to England for treatment. Archie married Pauline Mansell in October 1920, but she passed away two years later. Archie died in June 1956 and is buried at Carr Villa Cemetery.

Thomas Mansell joined the 52nd Battalion in May 1916. After receiving treatment for a sprained ankle in August 1916, he re-joined the battalion a week after the battle for Mouquet Farm. On 28 November 1916 as the weather turned for the worse Thomas developed influenza. He was admitted to the No 2 General Hospital at Le Havre where he died several days later. He was later buried in St. Marie Cemetery at Le Havre. Below postcard to sister Whinie [sic] from Claremont.