033 – Lance Corporal Arthur Anthony Flint MM

Lance Corporal Arthur Anthony Flint MM  12th Battalion

Lance Corporal Arthur Flint was awarded the Military Medal for ‘gallant conduct, skill and determination in patrol work.’ Arthur was a 22 year old single labourer from Kindred near Ulverstone when he enlisted in May 1916. He was later allotted to the 19th group of reinforcements for the 12th Battalion.

His citation reads ‘on the 2nd November 1917 Lance Corporal Flint was a member of a patrol sent to gain touch with the enemy and was fired on by a hostile Machine Gun, the O.C. patrol being wounded. On 3rd November he volunteered to guide a patrol of one Officer and 20 O.Rs sent to capture the post, and when it was rushed was one of the first to reach the objective. His skill in guiding the patrol over very broken country, and the example of determination and courage he set were largely instrumental in the capture of the post.’

Three others were also rewarded with the Military Medal for their work – Sergeant N. S. Valance, Driver W. J. Matthews and Corporal W. Vickers.

According to the official Battalion history the patrol was met by another from the 18th Battalion. Lieutenant R. G. Walduck persuaded them to join forces. Before long they met an enemy patrol and chased it back into the very Machine Gun post which had fired on Flint and others the previous night.

On return to Tasmania, Arthur Flint applied for a block of land under the Soldier Settlement Scheme which appears to have been approved. Census records indicates that Arthur and his wife Barbara whom he married in August 1920 lived at Yolla where Arthur worked as a farmer. Arthur Anthony Flint died on 5 April 1970.