024 – Private Arnold Leslie Dutton or Gunner Cyril Francis Dutton

Private Arnold Leslie Dutton (or Gunner Cyril Francis Dutton) 13th Field Artillery Brigade

It has not been possible to identify which of the brothers is in this group on kitchen duty. They both enlisted and so both stories have been told.

Arnold and Cyril hailed from North Lyell on the West Coast.—the sons of Arthur and Jan Dutton.  Cyril enlisted first on 17 May 1918 as an 18 year old and Arnold a few weeks later on 3 June. He was 19 years of age.

Both brothers had apparently spent time in the cadets  – 90th area. Arnold had spent just 8 months in the cadets according to his attestation papers, but Cyril had spent 2 years .

Arnold embarked at Sydney on the Borda but only got as far as Albany, Western Australia where he was disembarked and sent to Blackboy Hill before being admitted to the No. 8 Australian General Hospital. From there he was returned to Tasmania.

Arnold enlisted again in 1940, now aged 41 years. He spent time stationed at the Pay Company at the Victoria Barracks. Sergeant Arnold Dutton was discharged on 7th March 1946, now aged 47 years.

On disembarking in England Cyril was transferred to the Artillery details at Heytesbury. In February 1919 he was taken on strength with the 13th Field Artillery Brigade.

Cyril departed for Rouelles, France arriving there on 28 November 1918. After one day at the Australian Veterinary Hospital he was transferred to the Artillery Details at Calais. He joined 5th Division Artillery on 3 April, returning to the 13th Field Artillery Brigade the next day. On 13 April 1919 he returned to England. Here he went AWOL several times loosing pay as a result of his actions. He departed England bound for  Australia on 7 September 1919.

Both brothers later moved to Victoria. Cyril died as the result of an accident in 1943 and Arnold died in 1969.